Yuval Adam

Hello. I'm Yuval. I turn abstract ideas into sequences of 1's and 0's.

My technical interests span the entire stack: distributed systems and protocols, wireless mesh networks, software defined radio and embedded development on microcontrollers. If I am not working on technology that has political significance or that is a vehicle for social change, something is wrong.

I publish code on Github, and you can also find me on Stack Overflow. Various ramblings in prose are on my Blog. All the music I've been listening to since 2004 is on last.fm. The best place to follow me is on Twitter.

Some current projects I'm involved with, or otherwise just <3 - Arch Linux, CryptoParty, Tel Aviv Makers Hackerspace, RTL-SDR, Django Girls.

Drop me a line at _addda@yuv.agmail.coml. (Yes, that's my real address.) Whenever possible, please use my PGP public key with fingerprint 7B40 CAB4 9DA9 9130 954A  47CF 2713 86AA 2EB7 672F. My identities are signed on Keybase.io.

I'm also available on Jabber/XMPP at the exact same address as my email. My current OTR fingerprint is 5001E06C F597C912 6ED49F39 CFCE1398 1D842539.

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